Nicotine Levels When Vaping – How to Know What’s Right For You

Making the transition from smoking tobacco to vaping is much easier, safer and more pleasant all round when you use an e-liquid with the right amount of nicotine in it for you. If you need some help working out what that takes, look at the guide below for some tips.

Consider your cigarette smoking history

A satisfying vaping experience for many nicotine users depends on getting the same ‘hit’ as cigarettes delivered, so knowing the nicotine level of your usual brand will help you work out how much you need in the e-juices you buy. [You can find the nicotine level for your brand either on the box or online.] Even if vaping is part of a longer-term plan to cut down on using nicotine, or quit using it altogether, you still need a starting point for that process.

If you have been using a patch or gum to get your nicotine fix to be aware that vaping delivers a more direct effect, so you may be better off choosing a juice with a lower nicotine level than jumping straight from cigarettes to vaping.

If you want to cut out the nicotine altogether, consider using CBD hemp oil. This will relax you, and it has other additional benefits. Note, not all hemp oils are suitable for vaping, so make sure you check with the company before buying hemp oil for vaping.

Look at the nicotine strength of e-liquids

Basically you are looking for an e-juice which delivers either the same amount of nicotine as your cigarettes did, or less if that suits you better. E-liquids generally measure nicotine levels in a weight to volume ratio, which you may read as mg/ml, or as a percentage, e.g. 0.6% [6 milligrams of nicotine]. So what does this mean when buying juice?

As a rough guide, 6 – 12mg levels suit people used to smoking ten to twenty light or ultra light type cigarettes, while something around 16 – 18mg is better for those used to smoking a pack of regular cigarettes a day. It is also possible to buy liquids with 24mg [or higher] nicotine levels, though even extremely heavy smokers may find juices at the very top end too strong, even for them.

Remember your vaping habits have an influence  

If you are new to vaping you may not realise that the device you use can affect the strength of nicotine juice needed. For example, typical starter kits and devices using cartomizers may need juice with twice, three or even four times the amount of nicotine as something like a drip atomizer, which a more experienced vaper may use, to give the same effect. This means that heavy smokers using a beginner style device may wish to choose a juice with a slightly higher nicotine level then they would have expected to.

Don’t forget that the number of times you vape a day also influences how much of a hit you get from the nicotine. It is quite easy to find yourself vaping more often than you may have smoked a regular cigarette, and as a result feel the negative effects of vaping a high level nicotine juice.